With my wealth of experience, you’ll gain the insights you need to hit the ground running.

My background

Extensive experience:

  • More than 20 years in leadership roles at some of the world’s best‐known companies: TalkTalk, British Airways, Yves Saint Laurent, Sarah Lee, Danone...
  • Exposure to numerous industries: beauty, fashion, travel retail, drink, telecommunications...
  • Expertise in customer and employee centricity, leadership, culture, emotional intelligence and mindfulness  
  • Coach 
  • Qualified group facilitator
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence with RocheMartin
  • Trained in mindfulness with Michael Chaskalson's 8 week method 
  • Member of the Institute of Consulting 


Business focus:

  • From start‐ups to FTSE 100 companies, I’ve worked with many clients such as Tesco, Clydesdale Bank, the Foreign Office and Shell to name a few.

A wide-reaching perspective 

  • I have a multi-cultural background so I can easily adapt: I am French, married to a Brit and have worked in the UK since 1995. I was also based in Slovenia for 3 years.
    I speak 3 languages.

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My strength

Highly adaptable:

Every client, team and business is unique. I tap into my experience and skills to suit your needs.

Emotion and Reason:

I deeply believe in a 'heart and  mind' approach. I’ll help you to strike the ideal balance between behaviours/mindset and outcomes / KPI, between creativity and pragmatism - That is why I am also certified in Emotional Intelligence and trained in mindfulness


I’m an expert at taking ideas through to implementation. We will set strategic, measurable milestones for you to achieve more.

Empathetic yet challenging listener:

I will actively listen with empathy yet challenge you, so I can best support you in achieving your goals.

Qualified facilitator and 'seasoned' coach:

I regularly facilitate workshops and coach individual and teams through my own practice, government programs and other consultancies.

I also create and deliver training programmes on Unconscious bias, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural diversity, Mindfulness .... 

Complementary expertise:

I have a close network of other professionals who can assist me.

My ethos

Aligning values with my work:

I aim to apply my personal values to what I do, believing in courage, curiosity, honesty, energy and resilience. I want to enjoy what I do! 

Promoting positive growth:

I believe in sharing, evolving and progressing. I love challenging and supporting clients and watching them thrive.
It’s mutually rewarding.             Success is more than just profit. 

A holistic approach :

My belief and rigourous tools are all encompassing.                           A customer and employee focused approach will impact every part of your business, everyone you work with. I will view your business from a 360-degree perspective - By keeping an open mind and working collaboratively, we find the best solutions.

Helping others: 

It’s vital to give back.
I am a volunteer business mentor for The Prince's Trust Charity, and I share my knowledge with students and alumni at top business schools such as L'Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris-Europe.
I am also a qualified AVARAP facilitator and coach for career change workshops aimed at senior managers.

Monthly business mentoring for start-ups
Workshops and lecture on customer centricity and start-ups
facilitate 5 month long group career change workshop
Sophie Appleby Portrait

My passion and values

My passion are people and growth - You, your employees and your customers.

Mobile +44 (0)7554 323 883

Email sophie@sophieappleby.com

Web www.sophieappleby.com



"I asked Sophie to look at my business in order to give it a boost. In very few sessions, Sophie helped me define more accurately my proposition which increased my profitability. Sophie understood the business really quickly and found solutions that really worked.
Caring, focusing on the subject and efficient, Sophie gave me also greater confidence to achieve more."

Claire (December 2011)

"I worked regularly with Sophie over a period of 5 months. Sophie listened, adapted her approach to my needs and quickly understood my business challenges.
We worked efficiently together on my brand values, my philosophy and my positioning which are key in the jewellery industry. I have already applied this knowledge to my customer communication (on my website and my invites) with positive feedback in terms of image and sales.
Her knowledge of the English market is thorough which makes her a valuable asset for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the UK market."

Anne  (March 2012)