Invest in you and your business simultaneously.

Learn skills that will improve your business and people acumen.

Create the right environment with:

  • A positive culture and leadership team 
  • A clear company direction with a vision and a set of values 
  • Alignement across the entire organisation
  • Engaged, empowered and accountable employees  

Create an integrated plan that maximises your   

  • Marketing: Brand - Offer - Pricing - Distribution - Promotion - Communication 
  • Process: Scope - Implementation - Scalability 
  • People: Employees - Suppliers - Distributors - Partnerships 
  • Investment and long-term growth 

Develop a new approach for:

  • Your customer strategy:
    1. Acquisition, retention and engagement
    2. Consistent and positive experience
  • Your employee strategy:
    1. Recruitment, on boarding, retention and development
    2. Consistent and positive experience 
  • Your offer strategy:
    1. Idea
    2. Concept
    3. Brand extension
  • Evaluate activities:
    1. Set targets and KPI around a joint understanding
    2. Create feedback loops 
    3. Measure and improve 
  • Drive synergies and maximise opportunities in all business functions

Have a real impact :

Regain business momentum and drive:

  • Fast solutions - Time is money
  • Informed solutions - Insight is money 
  • Effective solutions - Employees and customers are equally important for your business, so engage and empower them 

Feel empowered to drive changes:

Understand yourself and align your style, mindset and behaviour with your business reality and values. You will gain:

  • Greater self-awareness 
  • Greater confidence and trust 
  • Autonomy, empowerment and collaboration 
  • Effectiveness 
  • Satisfaction

Build a brighter future:

  • Understand where you are, what you are aiming for and how to close this gap with Emotional Intelligence
  • Get the extra support to achieve your ambitious goals
  • Plan your actions and review them
  • Success is within your reach
    Get the boost you need, quickly and cost-effectively.

At your own pace :

You can move very fast or more gently.
Even small changes can accelerate business growth and improve your bottom line - long after my involvement ends.

Sophie Appleby Portrait

Get serious about business 

Even the greatest leaders get extra help and skills along the way.
From overall business management to best practice in customer centricity, culture and leadership I can help. 

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"I went to Sophie's customer centricity workshop as I have just arrived from Singapore and didn't know what to do next with my business.
Sophie is very competent and effective in her approach and the group work helped me tremendously. Her experience of consumer understanding, and her market knowledge, have helped me better define my proposition, and develop an effective long-term strategy.
Her professionalism and guidance have given me business pointers to develop my business further."

Virginie (December 2011)