I offer a range of services to suit your specific business needs and budget.

It has been successful with many clients - So why not give it a try ?

My approach

I strip out the complexity and allows you to focus on what makes a difference to your business. I believe in focus and simplicity to get everyone on board. 

Collaborative and professional:

We are in it together. We understand what makes you tick and agree objectives to work on.


I will adapt to your needs and we will set a realistic pace to avoid procrastination. 


I will suggest practical solutions with clear actions to achieve your goals. We will always monitor results - this is part of the process!


We will decide what really matters and prioritise your most important areas.


I will help you keep things simple. Your business will perform more efficiently as a result.

Working with all businesses 

I work with established businesses and well as start-ups.

Start ups face a tough reality as they experience a 50% failure rate after three years of trading. They are 20% more likely to still be in business after two and a half years if they have taken advice at the outset.

Figures from The Financial Time Start-Ups Guide 2012

My services

Executive Coaching: One-to-one sessions 

We will work in depth on your challenges, objectives and outcomes - and help you achieve fast and measurable results with new self-awareness, changed behaviours and effective relationships.
To keep up momentum, weekly sessions are recommended.


  • 45-minute meeting, ideally face to face or on skype/phone.
  • A set structure to ensure effective progress and learning.
  • Action plan for next session with measurements.

Clients include CEOs, Directors of large corporates,  The Foreign office, young adults from the Prince's Trust Charity and more than 50 SMEs. 

Company, Team and Personal Development on Customer-Employee Centricity, Culture and Leadership 

I can create a tailor-made seminar and programs for your company, your team or you can join an existing one to share ideas and challenges with like-minded business people. As a result, the business transformation is clearer and shared. Performances are increased as individuals and teams are more focused; they collaborate and support each other more. 

Topics can include:

  • Customer-Centricity: 'Definition', 'The role of emotion', 'Key players' (leadership, employees and customers), 'Dos and Don'ts', 'Employee and customer experiences' and 'Measurements' 
  • Company: 'Your culture', 'Your leadership team and style', 'Your vision and values', 'Engaging and empowering employees' and 'Working effectively as a team'
  • Offer: 'Your eco-environment', 'Your target', 'Your differentiated offer' and 'Creating a positive and consistent customer experience' 
  • Implementation: 'Your company process (HR, Customer Service, IT ...)', 'Customer and employee journeys' and 'KPI/ Measurements'


  • Engaged audience - Make them participate and learn by experience
  • Personal and stimulating environment - Share, open up and grow 
  • Practical and highly relevant outputs - Concepts, tips and best practices examples 

Clients include:Tesco, Shell, Clydesdale Bank, The Foreign Office and many more.

Guest Speaking: Conferences & Panels 

I am an experienced business and customer-centric lecturer. I enjoy speaking and sharing my knowledge at Business schools, Entrepreneurs' associations (L'ESCP Europe) and Live chat (The Guardian Newspaper).


I create and deliver training programs for you. Past contents were Unconscious bias, Emotional Intelligence, Working in a multi-cultural environment ...

Sophie Appleby Portrait

My code of conduct

Respect / Confidentiality / Mutual Commitment and Accountability. 

Mobile +44 (0)7554 323 883

Email sophie@sophieappleby.com

Web www.sophieappleby.com


"I have regularly moved countries , following my husband's work commitments. As a photographer, I have to start my business from scratch again, and I find it confusing.
Sophie's workshops on "how to offer a business that suits your market and its consumers " is effective, simple and adaptable to whatever your situation so the approach suited me very well. Sophie is very engaging, patient and knows her subject extremely well. She provides pointers to think about, and to work on, which have radically transformed my business approach.
With her workshops, everything became clearer and easier. As a result, I have progressed tremendously. Thanks you, Sophie, for your precious help!"

Davina  (December 2011)